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Why Should I Train?

De Marco Training classes are scientifically designed to improve an athlete's performance as well as reduce the risk of injury while playing sports. 


      Dedicated to enhancing athletic performance, this system integrates a comprehensive individual training program tailored to each athlete and sport. By focusing on speed and movement training to enhance all areas of athletic performance, the program's goal is not simply to run fast, but to play fast. Playing fast consists of running fast, reacting fast, and recovering fast. The concept behind our program is to train the body beyond its normal capacity, allowing the athlete to get the most out of training. Each athlete will be evaluated for functional movement, power, speed, agility, and sport-specific conditioning.  Once we identify the strengths and limiting factors of each individual we prescribe and implement a comprehensive training program.


     Each athlete begins with a physiological and anatomical screening process to best decipher the clients’ needs and deficiencies. From there, one of our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists will map out a plan of action for reaching the goals required by your young athlete or team. 


       Hockey Players on average players perform for 20 minutes of a 60-minute game. A typical interval on the rink lasts 80 seconds with a 4–5 minute rest interval between shifts. These shifts tend to be anaerobic in nature with short, intense bouts of high-speed skating and aggressive body contact, demanding a high level of anaerobic endurance and muscular endurance. A player's aerobic capacity and tolerance to lactic acid are related to a player's time on the ice and subsequently the number of scoring chances.


     The intermittent nature of the game means that aerobic capacity becomes important. By helping players to recover between shifts and produce the same level of performance in the 59th minute as in the 1st minute. Couple all this with the unnatural movement of skating and holding a stick and it becomes obvious why ice hockey is highly physically challenging.


     Today's elite hockey players are physically bigger, faster, and stronger than their predecessors. They are one of just a few groups of athletes that may benefit from hypertrophy training for increased muscular endurance and size. However, while weight training is an integral part of the annual off ice hockey training plan, it must be specific. Increased lean mass is not the only goal of strength training. Gains in maximal strength are only useful on the rink if they are converted into explosive power and power endurance.


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