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Joseph DeMarco

Founder & CEO

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Eddie Andrews

Eddie Andrews

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

As the newest addition of the DeMarco training center’s team, Eddie brings forth leadership and dependability. A former stand out football player, Edward Andrews knows the sacrifice, discipline and determination it takes to better oneself in ones sport. His expert knowledge of speed and strength training makes him a valuable asset to the programs. He has performed clinics in topics regarding speed, agility, and change of direction, thus making him a master in the subject. Through his personal training tenure, Eddie brings a vast array of knowledge in the field of fitness, as well as client relations. Coach Eddie provides athletes with the highest level of training in sports performance. His devotion to the success of every athlete is unmatched and will aim to make sure everyone who enters his programs will leave improved and confident to build success beyond the facility. “It is an honor to become a part of the DeMarco training systems, a name that speaks volumes in the athletic community. It is my obligation to steer these athletes in the direction of greatness."

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Jamie Lewis

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Jamie Lewis has been lifting weights for over 40 years, which is how he came to look like a bald, 3/5 scale version of a live-action He-Man doll.  A three sport high school athlete (wrestling, football, and track) and collegiate wrestler (Trinity College, CT), Jamie is also former all-time world record holder in the squat and total at 181 pounds in raw power lifting, an NSCA-certified personal trainer, as well as a certified Les Mill BodyPump and BodyCombat in addition to his extensive academic background (BA History University of Arizona, IMBA U of South Carolina, MBA Vienna U of Economics in Austria).  As such, training sessions with Jamie are often as physically demanding as they are intellectually enriching, as he attempts to take your mind off the pain by regaling you with random trivia, lifting anecdotes from historical lifters, and even the history of the equipment you're sweating all over.

Jamie's training, should you ever see him throwing weights around at the gym, has been infamously described as Chaos and Pain due to the fact that he generally looks like an escaped mental patient.  Lest you worry, you will not be subjected to that level of intensity unless you so choose, but he guarantees that no matter what else happens, you will never be bored and you will always be stronger and smarter on the way out the door than you were when you arrived.  His training sessions focus primarily on body composition and strength, in which clients move heavy weights for moderate to low reps with very short rest periods in hour-long full body sessions designed to accommodate any fitness level from complete neophyte to competitive lifters and members of the military training for specialized schools like BUDS and Ranger school.  Whatever your goals may be, Jamie will see to it that they are accomplished without any of the boredom, drudgery, or general unpleasantness people often associate with lifting, because above all else, life is too short to be boring... or weak.

Garrett Simonian

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Garrett specializes in power bodybuilding, an approach that focuses on moving heavy weight and tearing the muscle fibers to create a stronger body and physique. Most of the work he does revolves around the squat, bench, and dead lift followed by accessory movements to fully attack any given muscle group. Garrett has been lifting for the past 10 years and has ample experience in the weight room to accommodate lifters of all different levels. In addition to his personal experience, Garrett has a bachelor's degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. While at University Garrett taught human anatomy for 2 years giving him a great understanding of biomechanics and muscle function. He has also gone through the DeMarco Training System first hand when he worked with Joe for 3 years during his time playing football for Hopewell Valley. In that time Hopewell Valley won their only state championship and never had a losing season. Lastly, all athletes who train with Garrett will be informed about proper nutrition, because if you are not fueling your body to win you are setting yourself up to fail. DeMarco Training Systems is where athletes go to reach their full potential stop wasting your time elsewhere!



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