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Joseph DeMarco

Founder & CEO

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Welcome to DeMarco Training Systems:

     Joseph DeMarco has been a Sports Performance Trainer for the past 25 years. Joe is one of the top strength and conditioning specialist with top notch coaching and nutritional counseling and provides athletes with tools to take your game to the next level. 
     DeMarco Training Systems is an indoor training facility that offers a multitude of activities for all athletes, beginner or advanced. The 4,000 square foot facility is the perfect venue to train and develop yourself or your team throughout the year. By offering private, semi private, team and league training packages for all ages will allow you, as a coach, to customize the type of training and instruction you would like your athletes or students to receive. Off-site training is also available upon request at your home, business or school. Joseph has trained some of the best athletes in the country, from professional baseball and softball players, football, and hockey players, to Olympic athletes. Joseph DeMarco continues to develop athletes of all ages and skill levels throughout the Mercer County area. Joseph was the recipient of the Trentonian training facility of the year in 2010 and 2011 and is confident in his abilities and believes that it is important for our athletes to partake in a performance training program.   
     DeMarco Training Systems is not just for elite athletes. Many of Joe DeMarco’s adult clients have successfully lost 40, 50, even 80 pounds and have looked fantastic as a result. Joe was a top finisher in the Body for Life Challenge in 2000 losing 52lbs in 90 days and recently, as a 48 year old completed a 75 pound weight loss that transformed his body completely. No gimmicks, no potions just the right answers to the right questions and results that measure beyond the gym. Come in to DeMarco Training Systems located at 100 Young’s Rd Suite 9 in Hamilton, NJ and see what the DeMarco difference is all about.

Jamie Lewis

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Jamie Lewis has been lifting weights for over 40 years, which is how he came to look like a bald, 3/5 scale version of a live-action He-Man doll.  A three sport high school athlete (wrestling, football, and track) and collegiate wrestler (Trinity College, CT), Jamie is also former all-time world record holder in the squat and total at 181 pounds in raw power lifting, an NSCA-certified personal trainer, as well as a certified Les Mill BodyPump and BodyCombat in addition to his extensive academic background (BA History University of Arizona, IMBA U of South Carolina, MBA Vienna U of Economics in Austria).  As such, training sessions with Jamie are often as physically demanding as they are intellectually enriching, as he attempts to take your mind off the pain by regaling you with random trivia, lifting anecdotes from historical lifters, and even the history of the equipment you're sweating all over.

Jamie's training, should you ever see him throwing weights around at the gym, has been infamously described as Chaos and Pain due to the fact that he generally looks like an escaped mental patient.  Lest you worry, you will not be subjected to that level of intensity unless you so choose, but he guarantees that no matter what else happens, you will never be bored and you will always be stronger and smarter on the way out the door than you were when you arrived.  His training sessions focus primarily on body composition and strength, in which clients move heavy weights for moderate to low reps with very short rest periods in hour-long full body sessions designed to accommodate any fitness level from complete neophyte to competitive lifters and members of the military training for specialized schools like BUDS and Ranger school.  Whatever your goals may be, Jamie will see to it that they are accomplished without any of the boredom, drudgery, or general unpleasantness people often associate with lifting, because above all else, life is too short to be boring... or weak.


Garrett Simonian

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Garrett specializes in power bodybuilding, an approach that focuses on moving heavy weight and tearing the muscle fibers to create a stronger body and physique. Most of the work he does revolves around the squat, bench, and dead lift followed by accessory movements to fully attack any given muscle group. Garrett has been lifting for the past 10 years and has ample experience in the weight room to accommodate lifters of all different levels. In addition to his personal experience, Garrett has a bachelor's degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. While at University Garrett taught human anatomy for 2 years giving him a great understanding of biomechanics and muscle function. He has also gone through the DeMarco Training System first hand when he worked with Joe for 3 years during his time playing football for Hopewell Valley. In that time Hopewell Valley won their only state championship and never had a losing season. Lastly, all athletes who train with Garrett will be informed about proper nutrition, because if you are not fueling your body to win you are setting yourself up to fail. DeMarco Training Systems is where athletes go to reach their full potential stop wasting your time elsewhere!

Richard Morris

Strength, Conditioning, and Bodybuilding Trainer

Richard Morris is a Personal Trainer and has been working out and training for over 30 years. He specializes in building muscle, power, and strength. He has the training plan to get you what you want. He has a 525 lbs. bench press, 605 lbs. deadlift, 645 lbs. squat. He activates every muscle in the body. He is a Certified Trainer through IAP college (International Association of Professional Organizations (IAPO) and IAP Career College. Richard has a unique training system that will get you the results that you are looking for whether it’s strength training, conditioning, or bodybuilding. He is very passionate about what he does and he loves to help people achieve their goals.

Weight training is an activity that can be practiced by people of all levels of fitness. It improves muscle tones, increases strength and flexibility, and improves overall general health, which makes it an important part of any fitness regimen. Weight training can be done with free weights such as barbells, or dumbbells, or on any of the various specialized machines commonly found in gyms and health clubs. Heavy weights left a low number of repetitions to build big bulky muscles and enhance strength: lighter weights, lifts a high number of repetitions to tone and shape the muscles and enhance endurance. When you begin a weight-training program, it’s important to start out by lifting lighter weights and gradually work your way up to heavier weights as you become stronger and more confident.


So, let's go! Come and join DeMarco Training Systems and let’s get started. We will be waiting.


Jim Keegan

Director/Head Trainer of Top Notch Soccer Training @ Newtown.


Jim Has been playing soccer since he was 6 years old in the Mercer County NJ area.

*Professional Indoor Tryout with Harrisburg Heat in 1993

*Kutztown University Div II 2 -Time All-Mid Atlantic American (90-92)

*2-Time leading scorer

*2-Time All-Region *2-Time Offensive Player of Year

*Team MVP-(92)

*2-Time 1st Team All-PSAC(90-92)

*Top 25 in Div II scoring in the Nation (92)

2nd All time in Kutztown History for goals & assists

2nd All time in Kutztown History in points in a season

Licensed FIFA & High School referee

1988 Mercer County Community College National Soccer Champions (23-0-1)

1994 Helped Coached & Trained the Lawrence High School Boys varsity Team to a State Title

La’Keisha Sutton

La’Keisha Sutton, aka “Fan Favorite,” was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. At the age of 10, she picked up a basketball and has been playing basketball ever since. As a kid, La’Keisha would play competitive games of 1 on 1 against her brothers in the monkey bars and garbage cans. She was often the only girl on most teams she played on growing up.


While in elementary school, La’Keisha played on various Recreational basketball teams in the city of Trenton. Her favorite memories are her playing days at the West Ward Recreation Center in her neighborhood. La’Keisha credits most of her success to her mother, Melinda’s unconditional support and commitment to put her on as many basketball teams as possible. La’Keisha proudly tells everyone how much of an impact Coach Khaliq, Coach Mel, and Coach TC had on her skill development as well. In 8th grade, she won the CYO’s Female Athlete of the Year award and scored almost 25 points a game while sitting out the fourth quarter of most games.

After winning several MVP trophies, and Recreation League Championships she went on to attend Trenton Catholic Academy High School to play for Coach Khaliq and Coach Mel. She became the first player in school history to win the New Jersey Gatorade Player of the Year Award in 2008. A McDonalds All American nominee, First Team All State player, and State Championship MVP La’Keisha was also the school’s first player to record a Quadruple Double (in points, assists, steals and rebounds). La’Keisha, was just 10 points shy of scoring 2,000 points at TCA and helped lead her team to win Two Back to Back State Championships. La’Keisha was known as a versatile player who could score at ease by picking a part opposing teams defenses.

Although she won several awards and accolades at TCA and was one of the best players in the state of New Jersey, La’Keisha was still heavily under-recruited. Standing at only 5’7, a lot of colleges had no idea who she was; the local Universities thought she was “too slow and too short” to play on their team. However, Dawn Staley seen potential in the young girl from Trenton, NJ who was nationally unknown. La’Keisha’s natural scoring ability and toughness earned her a scholarship to play for Dawn Staley at the University of South Carolina from 2008-2012. She finished her career as a WNBA Prospect, 1,000 point scorer and on the All SEC Defensive Team. She earned her “Fan Favorite” nickname playing for USC.

After graduating from USC, La’Keisha began her professional basketball career and started her brand Fan Favorite in 2013. Known for her ball handling and ability to score on defenses at ease, La’Keisha was a Fan Favorite on every team she played for as a Professional Point Guard. She played in Taiwan, Finland, Ecuador, Germany, and Bulgaria from 2013-2016. She walked away from playing overseas to focus on building her brand and becoming heavily involved in community outreach events for under-privileged youth in her city to decrease gun violence and chronic absenteeism in school. La’Keisha continued playing basketball in several summer leagues and for different Charity Events during her time at home. Although she still loved basketball, she had a new love for her business as well.

In 2018, La’Keisha was scouted by the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters. She joined the team and soon began traveling the world playing again, this time known as “Swish”. La’Keisha has been featured on ESPN, Sports center, Fox and Friends and several other media outlets as a brand ambassador for the Harlem Globetrotters. To most people’s surprise La’Keisha rarely watched basketball growing up, she just loved to go outside and play the game. She is a true definition of a Scholar-Athlete who’s best skill is having no fear and confidence. As a professional point guard she models her game after Kyrie Irving. Her motto is “I Believe In Me” and she hopes to instill this same mindset and approach to life to all of the people who join her Fan Favorite Club.


In addition to being a Professional Basketball Player, La’Keisha is also an author, a motivational speaker, and a brand strategist. She enjoys listening to music, reading and creating content for social media marketing.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism.