"Joe was my trainer growing up at a young age all the way through high school. He’s a great trainer and legitimately cares about you. He invited me to check out his facility and it’s awesome. It has everything you need to achieve all of your goals. Without having Joe as my trainer growing up, I wouldn’t be the professional athlete I am today."
- James Pugliese, Professional Baseball Player


"I started training with Joe in October of 2017. I’m in my 60’s, was overweight and had some health issues. His nutrition and exercise advise literally saved my life. I had never stayed faithful to training before. He assured me that if I followed his lead, I’d lose the weight and be healthier.... and he was right. I am down 35 lbs... and going for at least another 35 more. As far as I am concerned, there is NO ONE who trains like Joe and gets the results he does. So happy to have gotten healthy."
- Angela


"I worked with Joe for years and can without a doubt say that he is a trainer that invests in you more than just coming in a couple times a week to work out. Whether it be needing to be pushed to your limits, helped with rehab of an injury, nutrition information and dietary help or many of the other things athletes go through Joe will devote his time to you to make sure you reach the level of excellence he knows that you can achieve. Knowing Joe on a personal level for years has been great and I couldn't be happier that he has his own place to do what he loves now. I highly recommend this place for anybody looking not only to take themselves to the next level, but to be driven even further then they thought possible."

- Anthony DeChiara


"Joe Demarco transforms athletic ability into the next level. His knowledge and professional experience does not only prepare athletes physically but mentally. Ranging from calisthenics to weight lifting, joe’s knowledge outclasses any trainer in the Tri-State. If you are looking for a trainer with not only the knowledge but genuinely cares about your well-being, Joe is hands down the trainer for you."

- Ryan Leader


"I had the pleasure of not only being trained by joe but also being his assistant for a couple years. I got to see how he professionally handles his clients, providing them with the best possible advice and workouts to help them give their best performance both physically and mentally. I personally owe a lot to Joe’s training and teachings. From taking my senior football career to the next level, earning the honor of being named first team all county, to business lessons that i still use everyday at work. Don’t go guessing if your going to get the right service you need, do it right the first time and call Joe."

- AJ Mostrangeli


"Joe Demarco trains my 3 boys. My 2 older boys are going to Villanova to play football on scholarship. Joe's knowledge of strength & speed training along with his way of motivating my boys was a key reason for their success. Highly recommend him!"

- Don Wiley


"Joe Demarco is the best trainer in the area. He worked with our football team all summer and pushed us to be in the best shape of our lives. I give him a lot of the credit of the success we had in the season. No better trainer out there."

- Joe Immordino


"Joe does a great job specializing and customizing training programs for athletes of all ages, as well as for a wide variety of sports. Not only was the training regimen fantastic, challenging, and competitive but the knowledge I gained in regards to technique and form I still use to this day (10+ years later!) to make sure I am getting the absolute most out of my workouts now. In addition, Joe has his athletes keep a food log to make sure the results are maximized from hours of hard work in the gym. Again, a tool I still use to this day. A great investment for the present, as well as the future!"

- Ralph Aurora


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